black painted bones


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recorded and mixed in september 2009 at LA NICHE studio (Montreuil) by Sebastien Teulie and Hans Van Meerten.


When La Danse du Chien performs "Black Painted Bones," the devil's circus rolls into town. By the time a dirty moon has illuminated the whiskey streets, all the show girls are naked on stage and betrayed daddies are biting their fat cigars in half and sticking hundreds of pins in voodoo dolls. After midnight, stray dogs are seen wearing kangaroo suits, and astronomers discover that the moon is a severed clown's head dipped in honey.
Tom Robbins


released May 15, 2012

Sebastien Teulie: guitar, banjo, whisle
Frédéric Debraine: double bass
Paul Melnotte: drums, percussions
Eric Letinier-Simoni: lead vocal, blues harp, theremin
Guillaume Christophel: baryton & soprano sax
Christophe Heyman: trombone

Bala Pradal: CX3 organ
Yan Martin: trumpet
Stéphane Routtier: baryton sax
Alexandre Esquoy: tuba


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Track Name: Chevrotine

I want my baby back
I want my baby home
I want her to come back
I want her to come home

I want to hear her shout
I want to hear her scream
I’ve got to find her out
She’s written on my skin

She set my house on fire
She filled my heart with pain
I swear she is a liar
She says that I’m insane

I swear to God and Jesus
The shotgun was unloaded
This guy who came to tease us
He just took the wrong road

We’re driving down the valley
The kid my friends and I
We’re right behind you honey
And rifles never lie
Track Name: God got a mistress
God got a mistress

Show me the way back home
‘cause I’m going nowhere
and I’m lost in your town…

walking on main street, hanging around
I’m learning some new steps, lost in your town
A young kid is fooling, sticking like glue
A turned round the corner and then I saw you

God got a mistress she looks like you

I must be dreaming, can it be true?
Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you
You’re the wife and the lover, you’re my mother too
You’re the holly Madonna, I was born for you

God gimme the guts, gimme the faith
I must be nuts or touched by the grace
I don’t care how you landed here, I don’t care what you do
It took two more whiskies ‘for I could talk to you

“- You don’t know me, but I know you
and I know that I wanna be with you
it’s the first time that I see you
but I know yet that it’s you

- well, handsome! It’s so kind of you
and if it’s your first time, it will be free for you…”
Track Name: Black painted bones
Black painted bones

He’s got black painted bones
One eye in the hole
Two big wheels on a side
And a constipated mind

Is that a man ?

He’s stinky when he’s wet
He don’t play no trumpet
His two folks are Peggy Sue
And a plastic kangaroo

Is that a man ?

He read Finnegans Wake
He’s twenty four hours late
He puts shoeshine on his toes
And that’s the way it goes…
Track Name: Underground

I fell low, I fell down
I fell so underground
But tonight
I feel hope
I feel high
Like a joke

I feel pain through my veins
I feel rage against my friend
And I cry
And I pray
For his soul
To be saved

Oh Lord, would you save his soul ?
Lord, could you save his soul ?

You may hide
You may run
I’ve got a thing for you
You sure did something wrong
I’ve got a gun in my suitcase
I’ve got my hatchet too
Oh you should thrill my friend
‘cause I’m coming right at you

I feel free, like a fly
A blue bottle, from the mire
Feel attracted
To the meat
To your blood
I feel the heat

I’ve got a hatchet and a forty five
it ain’t nothing but suicide
I’ve got a hatchet and a forty five
Come over here I’m gonna show you why
Track Name: Nicole

I’ve got all my stuff shoved in a stayed shopping bag
I’ve got one butt left, I need to pull on a drag
I left my house and wife for a calendar doll
She lives way down south and her name is Nicole

I left two grown children and a brown stupid dog
I had a pee on my boss chair ‘for I left my job
But today I feel so nice ‘cause I know that you’re true
Today I feel like me ‘cause I’m getting to you

Can’t you hear that train ?!...

I’ve been trying to reach you, you didn’t pick up the phone
I’ve been knocking at your door there were nobody home
Where are you now? where did you go?
Why are you gone? I’ve been crying so and so
why are you gone? I will never let you go

I found a note on the back door and it’s written for me
“I’m much too young for you daddy, won’t you let me be”
you’re moving up to north with a goo goo named Jack
and me I’m seating on the middle of the railroad track

Can’t you hear that train ?!...
Track Name: Funky George
Funky George

You’ve got a question
Want me to let you know
If I got a reason
Why am I acting so
You say you’ve got the right
You’ve got the right to know
You wanna know why
Why I’m acting so

I’ve got to kill people that I can’t bear

I’ve got the answer
But I won’t let you know
This feeling is mine
And you can’t stop the flow
‘cause I’ve got the power
and I’ve got the Do
that’s what the whole world
has got to know
Track Name: Neighbors

He wakes me up on the night time
Telling his life is a bore
He wants to know if I’m sleeping yet
Goes up knocking on my door
He comes to me with a scream
The way that he bellows
Maybe I’m too kind to him
He keeps going up my nose

But I hate him

She’s got the prettiest smile
Lips as sweet as a hush
She doesn’t want any child
‘cause her tits are gonna crush
She makes love for fake
And wants to marry me
She drives me mad but I can’t resist
To her bottom in a bikini

But I hate her

Why do they keep on keeping on
Breaking out my balls?
I’ve got to speak my mind and rid myself
But I can’t find the door
From my neighbors and my door keeper
I can hear the calls
But I just stop my hears and keep on smiling
Like I did before

I hate them
But I can’t tell’em so
Track Name: Bee box
Bee box

I met my friend in Istanbul, that’s where I choose to settle down
He said: “there are a few things you got to know before you start to hang around”
He told me down the street was just like hell and I promised to be wise
I went into my room but I was out before the full moon started to rise

My old friend was goddamned right, here even dogs are selling dope
I caught a tattooed healer passing by, he got me dancing on the rope
Live girls, young girls and moms, here you can buy all your desires
But there is one loose place down here that no good man would never hire

He told me more about it, he showed me a door
He started to dance all around me hitting a wood stick on the floor
He skipped one step lightly to the left, he skipped one step to the right
He whispered one word low, I couldn’t hear and then the door got opened wide

Watch out for the bee box
You’d better know what you dare
Watch out for the bee box
There’s no human there

Call my baby by the phone
‘caus I don’t feel like coming home
come on baby, can’t you see
that I don’t need no family
Track Name: Domino

She was a young queen, daddy would treat her right
He died when she was four, then she began to fight
First just against those little girls who love to treat you like crap
Then with her mother, her brand new friends who were passing by

She rode the horse and then she started to get high

She was a junkie, but she did had brain
She worked down in a club, to be a part of the game
She made bloody tons of jobs but never stopped to run away
I met her here, when she moved down to L.A.

And now the shit is going to hit the fan

She didn’t talk much, but man, she was a hit
With her camo pants and a big knife on her hips
She had a shotgun called Betsy and a nine mil in her back
She was the hunter but something was on her tracks

She used to say “heads you live, tails you die”

-“I’ve got a girl called Domino
I swear upon my soul
See the sun going down on me
I swear to treat you right
And never let you down

- swear you’ll never ever let me down again”
Track Name: Twisted body & broken mind
Twisted body & broken mind

I’ve got a pain in my bones
Got my pressure falling down the critic zone
I’ve got my back getting torn
Got a shorter leg ever since I was born

I’ve got my eyes getting drown
Got rotten teeth, my hair falling down
I’ve got my heart working wrong
No way to fix it up, I’ve waited much too long

But I know a damned good way to be on top
To feel as strong as a train
It such a good feeling and I just can’t stop
I’ve got a twisted body and a broken mind

Bit I know a damned good way to cure my ills
To feel as good as I can
Home made drugs and shaped pills
I’ve got a twisted body and a broken mind
Track Name: Smoke

I like to smoke in my house
I like to smoke in my car
I like to smoke almost everywhere
There is some pure and uncorrupted air

I like to smoke in the loo
I like to smoke in my bed
I like to smoke almost everywhere
And I absolutely don’t care

I like to smoke on the bus
I like to smoke on the train
I like to smoke almost everywhere
There is some pure and uncorrupted air

I like to smoke in the restaurants
I like to smoke I the bars
I like to smoke almost everywhere
There is some pure and uncorrupted air

I like to smoke on the water
I like to smoke under my shower
I like to smoke almost everywhere
And I absolutely don’t care
Track Name: Poney

I met you on a Monday
A bar late at night
I found myself knocked down
Ten guys were waiting down the line

I bought you a bunch of roses
French champagne and wine
I drove you back in my Porsche
Your eyes were telling “what a night”

I called you back on the Wednesday
To take you outside
I took you down that Russian place
And it didn’t cost you a dime

I read a heavenly poem
With delightful rimes
Then I drove back two bad guys
Your lips were telling you were mine

Oh honey, can’t you see I’m a little child
I want you to get me on your knees
I want you to take me for a ride

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